Procurement and finance associate

UNDP Moldova
Oraș: Chișinău
Studii: Universitate
Experiența de munca: De la 2 ani
Salariu: De la 14500 Până la 15000 MDL
Program de muncă: Full-time
Locul de muncă: În locația angajatorului
Dispuși să angajăm refugiați
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United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) works in nearly 170 countries and territories, including the Republic of Moldova, helping to achieve the eradication of poverty, and the reduction of inequalities and exclusion.

We help countries to develop policies, leadership skills, partnering abilities, institutional capabilities and build resilience to sustain development results.
UNDP in Moldova is guided by its Country Programme Document, and the UN-Moldova Development Assistance for 2018-2022, which is in line with the priorities of the Government of Moldova.

In a rapidly changing global environment, the work of UNDP and the broader UN family aligns with the new national development vision, Moldova 2030, and sector strategies. UNDP Moldova’s country programme for 2018–2022 has three major focus areas:

Inclusive growth, Effective governance, Climate change, environment and energy and three cross-cutting areas: Gender equality, Crisis response, Development impact.

The humanitarian situation in Ukraine has worsened since the escalation of armed conflict. The intense military escalation has resulted in the loss of life, injuries, and mass movement of the civilian population throughout Ukraine and to neighboring countries including Moldova; and accommodated in the border venues for humanitarian aid. UNDP Country Office, in coordination with the UN, UNDP IRH and its other humanitarian partners are in scaling up operations, including facilitating the emergency aid and tools for effective, broad, and timely humanitarian response across all affected areas within the country and at the border.

Task description
Within the delegated authority and under the supervision of the Project Coordinator or his/her designated mandated representative(s), the Procurement and Finance Associate will facilitate financial management and local procurement activities:

In order to achieve procurement-related functions, and based on the needs of the Project, the procurement and finance assistant will:

•Conduct market research for the goods and services to be procured, and produce market research reports and cost estimations for the goods and services to be procured (PFA will be supported/guided by the Project team for the market research).
•Support preparation of technical specifications and terms of reference (TOR) for the goods and services to be procured within the scope of the Project.
•Prepare other solicitation documents, such as request for quotations, request for proposals, invitation to bid etc.
•Initiate and/or facilitate advertisement processes, ensuring that all solicitation documents are advertised in accordance with the UNDP procedures and rules.
•Monitor receipt of offers, proposals etc., and secure/file signed and dated receipts.
•Prepare evaluation grids, templates etc. to facilitate the work of the evaluation committees.
•Keep records, file and archive all procurement related activities and documents.
•Facilitate management of contracts to be issued within the scope of the Project.
•Ensure full compliance to UNDP rules and regulations of all procurement processes conducted and all tasks performed under this contract.

In order to achieve finance-related functions, and based on the needs of the Project, the procurement and finance assistant will:
•Collect, review and control compliance of all invoices with the related contracts, grants etc., submit originals/copies of such invoices and payment requests to the UNDP Country Office Finance Team for further processing, while keeping a copy of all such invoices at the M4EG sharepoint.
•Collect vendorsupplier forms from the vendorssuppliers, control vendorsupplier forms in terms of completeness and submit such forms to the UNDP for further processing.
•Keep records, file and archive all finance-related activities and documents on the M4EG sharepoint.
•Create requisitions, PRC, purchase orders in Quantum: timely creation, taking corrective actions on budget, dispatching and further closure. Issuance of receipts.
•The incumbent will report to the M4EG Project Associate and will fulfill additional tasks as required.
•Maintain accurate budget reporting in both UNDP and EU standard templates.
•Respond to queries from the UNDP and EU Delegation with respect to financial aspects of the programme, liaise with UNDP-appointed and external auditors wherever required.
•Prepare finance reports for donors for the project.

Monthly Living Allowance (Per month): MDL 14516.92
Entry lump sum (one-time payment): USD 400
Exit allowance (for each month served, paid on completion of contract): MDL 1209.74
Medical and life insurance: Cigna Private Insurance
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