Director - finance & treasury

Le Faiseur de Rêves, Ltd. (LFDR) №10044275, 10.04.2021
Oras: Chisinau
Studii: Superioare
Experienta de munca: Peste 5 ani
Salariu: Negociabil
Grafic de munca: Full-time
10044275, 10.04.2021
We are looking to fill the position of Director - Finance & Treasury at The House of DreamMaker, set up as Le Faiseur de Reves Ltd. - Malta, a limited liability company, an international holding structure counting several operating companies (OpCos) focused on the experiential travel design space. The group is conducting business activities in diverse jurisdictions throughout Asia/Pacific, Europe and North America. It includes highly creative verticals, some at a rapid growth phase and some others at startup stage.

Several months ago, four members of the C-level management team joined together and each undertook risk in order to be independently wealthy in seven/eight years, and therefore, while there is a salary (ample for the necessities in life), we’ve created a compensation package that demonstrates this is not just a COVID-19 rescue but a leap of faith to pursue an entrepreneurial dream with a 32 year old established business.

Our CEO has been a successful Investment Banker for 27 years and took a year's salary in sweat equity and he's raised 1/2 of our first round of equity tranche. That said, we’re looking for a Director - Finance & Treasury to come on board permanently, but it takes some skin-in-the-game. We want partners rather than employees and that means sacrificing some of a USA likeUSA-likes thus our search for an entrepreneurial profile. You'd be part of a five perfive-personve team, all highly accomplished.

After 30 years of zero marketing yet doubling sales last 3 Y-O-Y (not including 2020 where revenues were down 65% yet achieving a small profit after doubling in size), we see post Covid-19 as an opportunity. Our clients are all UHNW and require even more solutions in their never ending quest for travel.

The Director - Finance & Treasury position within The House of DreamMaker entails a senior executive responsibility for analyzing, recommending and managing the financial actions and decisions of the group. His duties include tracking cash flow and financial planning as well as analyzing the group's financial strengths and weaknesses and proposing corrective actions.

The Director - Finance & Treasury must be well-versed in all aspects of financial management ranging from simple accounting to broad investment and banking operations. The successful candidate will act as a treasurer and financial controller for the group as (s)he manages both finance and accounting divisions and ensures financial reports are accurate and completed in a timely manner.

The ideal candidate will be an excellent leader since all relative departments of the organization will have direct reporting lines to him. Multilingual, multicultural profiles with multinational experience and CMA, CPA or CFA qualifications will be given priority.

**Job brief**
* Develop accounting and financial management systems within multi-jurisdictions and set up accounting and consolidation rules.
* Develop cost accounting and financial accounting metaccountingimize resources and fairly allocate indirect expenses, clearly assess productivity, efficiency and financial performance.
* Establish reporting procedures and periodic reports to be communicated with the management and later on with the board of directors, the shareholders and the outside world.
* Perform risk management by analyzing the organization’s liabilities and investments.
* Help investment strategies decisions through financial assessment - including financial modeling, discounted cash flow valuations and IRR assessment.

The goal is to protect the Group’s revenues, profits and reputation and achieve full financial control and transparent reporting to all stakeholders, leading to sustainable growth.

* The Director - Finance & Treasury reports to the chief executive officer (CEO) but has significant input in the company's investments, financing structure, and how the company manages its income and expenses.
* The Director - Finance & Treasury must report accurate information as strategic and vital decisions are based on the data he/she provides. The Director - Finance & Treasury is responsible for managing the financial activities of the Group and will adhere to generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) and the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)
* Manage the group’s financial position, ensuring solvency, liquidity and proper financial pl,anning.
* Help financial and investment decision making process tdecision-making financial reporting, budgeting and financial forecasting - including intricate financial modeling.
* Develop risk management guidelines and processes to ensure checks and balances in decision making but also in execution and implementation.
* Propose financial and investment strategies by considering cash and liquidity risks, profitability and productivity assessments, and financing requirements.
* Help develop the group’s financial structure, asset / liability management and prepare cash flow assessments and forecasts at a group and individual operational levels.
* Supervise all finance personnel (controllers, treasurers, accountants etc.).
* Coordinate relationships with vendors, banks, auditors and other ancillary service providers, including setting up and activating the group’s finance and accounting IT system.
* Ensure compliance with accounting rules and regulations in each jurisdiction and manage taxation filings and other related matters.

* Report accurate information as strategic and vital decisions are based on the data (s)he provides.
* Manage the financial activities of the Group and adhere to generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) and the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)
* Show Leadership and organizational capabilities in addition to communication, negotiation and presentation skills.
* An analytical mind, comfortable with numbers with a minimum of ten years of experience as Director - Finance & Treasury, finance director or similar positions.
* In depth knowledge of corporate finance and financial accounting and risk management and control practices.
* Excellent knowledge of data analysis and forecasting and proficiency in the use of Office applications and financial management software.
* Ability to strategize and solve problems.
Telefon: +17136665000, +17136665000
Persoana de contact: Gregory Lee Patrick
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