SITRA GROUP is an international transport company which specialises in the transportation of foodstuff. We pride ourselves on a high level of service, carrying our customer its goods throughout Europe in a timely fashion. Besides our head office in Belgium we have branches in the Netherlands, Germany, France, Italy, UK, Poland, Lithuania, Russia and Romania. For our Chisinau office, we want to ensure our growth by expanding our team:

Administrative Support FULLTIME Positions

Passion is the best job in the world.
We, at SITRA GROUP, pride ourselves on being a trustworthy employer which has the best interests for its employees. Our aim is to guide our colleagues so they can grow together with our company. Opportunities are offered and what you love to do, you do best, right?
Each day SITRA Chisinau is growing and new opportunities arrive.
A wide range of jobs are being done: order entry, credit control, analytical reporting, invoicing, master data, pricing support and so on.
For new administrational tasks we need reliable, flexible, professional and very accurate people with strong motivation to achieve internal goals. A good knowledge of Word, Excel and Outlook is obligatory. Perfect English skills are required, French is a good plus.

! Do you want to join our team? E-mail your CV and motivation to E_Filipenco@sitra-group.com   
Do you want to know more about us? www.sitra-group.com  

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