Experienced Programmer for 5G ORAN Cellular Fabless Chip Manufacturer

Feel IT Services is a European group that delivers efficient and equitable computer engineering services to software publishers, IT services companies, web agencies, CIOs, and end clients in various countries. Our mission is to assist clients in enhancing the quality and profitability of their IT projects. We have organized our company into two hubs: the headquarters in Paris and our production and R&D center in Romania and Moldova.

Experienced Programmer for 5G ORAN Cellular Fabless Chip Manufacturer

We are seeking a skilled programmer to join our team for a 5G ORAN cellular fabless chip manufacturer. The ideal candidate will have expertise in NETCONF within a Linux (Ubuntu) environment and a strong ability to configure and manage network parameters.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Utilize NETCONF protocol to receive network parameters.
  • Configure ARM chips according to received parameters.
  • Focus on configuration and management code within the Linux (Ubuntu) environment.
  • Collaborate with the development team to ensure seamless integration of network configurations.


  • Proficiency in NETCONF protocol.
  • Experience with Linux (Ubuntu) environment.
  • Familiarity with ARM chip configuration.
  • Strong programming skills, particularly in C.
  • This is a remote work opportunity, allowing flexibility for the right candidate. If you are passionate about cutting-edge technology and eager to contribute to the evolution of 5G networks, we encourage you to apply.

What we offer:

  • Competitive salary based on experience;
  • Supportive working climate with flexible work practices;
  • Lunch tickets;
  • Coffee, fruits and other goodies at the office :);
  • Sport facilities;
  • Company-sponsored events;
  • Travelling opportunities in some project areas;
  • Career development opportunities (certifications / trainings / conferences);
  • Feel IT referral bonus.

E-mail: job@feel-it-services.com
Call us: +37368788856

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