DeFacto 2nd Store Manager (Chisinau) Moldova

We are now looking for:

DeFacto 2nd Store Manager (Chisinau) Moldova

  • To perform sales transactions fully in compliance with the written instructions within the scope of the company policy, to notify the relevant managers concerning rule violations.
  • To check whether the tools and materials that are required in order for the store and him/her to work efficiently are available or not. In case there are any circumstances that may prevent the work processes such as shortages, failures etc. in the work tools and materials, to notify the relevant individuals for the elimination of such problems. When necessary, to fill in the relevant reports and statements.
  • To check the practices concerning the arrangement of price tags and other documents.
  • To notify the relevant executive concerning deficiencies in the services offered to the customers and the measures to be taken regarding these deficiencies and fulfill the instructions of the relevant executive regarding the matter.
  • To comply with all instructions, procedures and regulations that have been notified by the headquarters and/or the store manager in writing and verbally.
  • To work within the scope of the Daily Plans that have been generated and to follow up on the store daily plans from the notice board on a daily basis.
  • To fulfill the orders and the instructions of the Store manager and the relevant executive in full and on time such as folding items , organizing store assigned section and maintain Store tidiness.
  • To notify the Store manager and the relevant executive regarding the violation of the financial and operational discipline rules related with the store.
  • To comply with the shift time and order rules. To comply with the work and industry discipline norms, occupational health and safety rules and norms, legal requirements and fire safety rules applied at the store. To notify the relevant executive in case of determining any circumstances on the contrary.

Basic qualifications and requirements that the candidate must meet:

  • 0 - 2 years retail experience.
  • Good and clear communication skills in English
  • Adaptable and inclined to teamwork.
  • Strong problem solving skills.

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