Customer support (English)

Customer support (English)


  • Receiving, noting and forwarding telephone calls
  • Providing customers/potential customers with information about the company's products
  • Preparing and editing documents in requested situations
  • Providing support to company employees (e.g. data entry activities, appointment scheduling, emails, etc.)
  • Managing, recording and distributing incoming/outgoing correspondence

Candidate requirements:

  • Responsible person, dynamic, punctual, communicable
  • Fluent in Russian and English
  • Experience working in similar positions would be an advantage

Our offer:

  • Good working conditions in a young team with a friendly atmosphere
  • Working hours 14:00 to 22:00 Monday to Friday
  • Competitive salary paid on time
  • Favourable environment for professional development
  • Bonuses for ideas and actions leading to the development of the company

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