Deputy Head of Business Operations

LeaderHR №7516442, 11.01.2019
Город: Кишинев
Образование: Любое
Опыт работы: Любой
Зарплата: Договорная
График работы: Полный рабочий день
The Business Operations function is responsible for Reporting & Analytics, Workforce Management, Continuous Improvement and Operations Technology. The team plays a critical role in all things operations and collaborates closely with stakeholders across the business to provide actionable insights and to ensure operational capabilities remains positioned to deliver in a constantly evolving and increasingly complex business environment. We are looking for a hands-on candidate who takes ownership and seeks opportunities.

You are primarily responsible to ensure the following:

a) Clients achieve their goals associated with the service provided

b) Clients loyalty so they can expand their business with us

c) Helping with evaluation and planning of the business processes including defining any tools or applications needed to do the job and leading the execution of all Business Operations in a World Class manner.

Overview of Responsibilities

Client Intimacy. You will understand the business of each Client, how their products & services work, and become an “expert” on each Client’s with a particular understanding of their customer acquisition activities, fraud/risk management issues, KYC/AML matters, business processes for supporting all users or constituents (merchants, commercial clients and individual consumers) via email, chat, SMS and voice calls.
Customer Acquisition. Some Clients will utilize email, SMS, chat and voice services to explain and attract customers or users and this will be supported by Business Operations.
Fraud and Risk Management. Responsible for thoughtfully considering every aspect of fraud and risk issues associated with Clients, and then develop requirements for tools and applications to assist in the identification, prevention, investigation and resolution of activities that pose a threat to the safety and soundness of our Clients businesses. You will provide ongoing direction on how to evolve and enhance our tools to ensure an automated approach is deployed. Also, the management of employees to support our automated tools is critical.
User Support. Users include Clients, merchants who are using point-of-sale/mPOS/tablets provided by and our Clients, corporate customers of our Clients, agents or similar distributors of our Clients and consumers who use products and services of our Clients. User support will be provided by email, chat, SMS and for merchants and Clients - voice calls. In time, we may provide voice call support for other Users. Also, this may become a 24X7 operation, but will at least be operating from 7:00 am (US Eastern) until 10:00 pm (US Eastern) time.
Chargeback Handling. Supporting both merchants (acquiring) and consumers issuing) with any chargeback or dispute matter.
Hiring, training, scheduling and motivating staff. Ensuring the Business Operations team is comprised of highly qualified, well-trained, properly scheduled and motivated / managed professionals. Bi-annual performance reviews and goal-setting are required.
QA / App Testing. Oversee teammate testing of applications and provide feedback to IT.
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