Textile Controller - Balti

Job Description: Technical and Manufacturing Standards Controller

Job overview:
- Managing technical and manufacturing compliance across multiple sites
- Responsible for evaluating, applying and monitoring customer standards and procedures in all areas of garment factories
- Responsible for Corrective Action Plans (CAP), onsite inspections, continuous improvement planning, training, 3 rd Party Audits and site approvals
- Responsible for implementing Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), technical documents and reporting in both English and Moldavian languages
- Training and learning of Ethical trading, Security compliance and Systems

Major responsibilities:
- Communicating within a UK / EU Company for sites located in Moldova
- Following and applying customer QA standards in all areas of garment factories
- Maintaining and updating customer by factory audit calendar to monitor site approval
- On site facility assessments, spot checks, closing meetings and reporting
- Understanding the individual customer requirements and manufacturing standards
- Solving onsite technical, production and QA procedural issues directly with factories
- Checking factory machinery for regular calibration, maintenance and certification
- Applying manufacturing safety standards and controls in all production areas
- Managing compliance issues to establish corrective actions and deadlines that meet both customer and company objectives
- Co-ordinating meetings with factory compliance personal, representatives, management and 3rd Party auditors
- Monitoring industry and customer standards while sharing updates to train factories
- Assisting the Compliance QA Manager with ad-hoc tasks

Competencies for success (skills):
- Must be able to read, write and communicate in English - will be working and reporting directly to a foreign manager and overseas offices
- Microsoft Office computer skills (Excel, Word, Outlook) are necessary
- Minimum 5 years industry experience working in technical compliance or a factory manufacturing background with technical and manufacturing procedures
- Ability and willingness to learn other areas of compliance (i.e. Ethical trading and site Security) plus customer web based tools and systems
- Working in factories from 8am – 5pm, Monday to Friday
- Flexible with travel and working hours
- Important organisational relationships
- Reporting to the QA Compliance Manager
- Close working relationship with UK, Romania and Moldavian teams
- Close working relationship with the local 3rd Party Auditors
- Close working relationship with factories

Alison Hayes started in the 1960s. We design and manufacture women’s clothing as well as girls’ wear. Our customers are the leading clothing retailers in the UK and elsewhere in Europe.

!!! The office is situated in Balti.

Feel free to send your CV to 


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Контактная информация

Bulevardul Ștefan cel Mare și Sfînt 65, Chișinău 2001, Мoldova
Тел.: 079640444, e-mail:
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