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Software Engineer

Febian it company – established in the 2008 year with a vast experience of more than 10 years and with hundreds of active projects in diffrent areas is looking for a Data Analytics Engineer to join his team.

We are looking for a highly skilled Software Engineer who will be responsible for developing and implementing company’s data analytics, warehousing and reporting architecture - including creating a data pipeline, designing models and building dashboards to enable data-driven decision making.

To ensure success in this role, you should have in-depth knowledge of relational databases, data pipelining, data modeling, report generation tooling, and warehouses. Additionally, we also look for an understanding of backend development and excellent coding skills.

● Collaborate with both technical and non-technical teams to understand their analytics and reporting needs.
● Architect and implement a data pipeline that gathers data from different sources across the product and the business.
● Design data models, warehousing and ETL solution to enable us to visualize a complete picture of our business and our customers/users.
● Collaborate with product management and engineering to define and implement dashboards and reports that present insights into the data and enable evidence-based decisions across the company.

● 4+ years experience in relational database architecture and development, data warehouse modeling, querying and processing information at scale.
● Ability to independently research, architect and lead solution implementation as a subject matter expert in data analytics.
● Continuous habit of researching tools, libraries and solutions to solve engineering problems.
● Experience as a backend developer, designing and implementing APIs, debugging, and performance testing methods.
● Experience using tools such as Segment, BigQuery / Redshift, Google Analytics /Amplitude / Mixpanel etc.
● Proven track record of being accountable to deliver projects on-time, plan and share product development status, and communicate your progress with your team.
● Good written and verbal communication skills, ability to collaborate with cross-functional teams.

We offer
• Full salary package
• Specialized training
• Possibility to work remotely
• Full program work (8h per day from Monday to Friday)
• A dynamic and simulative work environment where the ideas and initiatives are highly appreciated.

Candidații interesați sunt rugați să expedieze CV-ul cu specificarea pozitiei pentru care aplică la adresa electronică: 

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