Recruiting Company "HR Simple Solutions" on behalf of its client is looking for candidates for the position of:

SEO Project Manager

Our client, is a fast growing Marketing Agency, specializing in crowd marketing and social media promotion, mainly for USA and European market. Reputation, client focus and highly productive tools, as well as creative approach for delivering fast and best results, are our client’s main assets. Digital Marketing services have a tremendous increase now, on the one hand, and an increasing competition on the other. In order to face the demanding volumes, our client invite a SEO Project Manager for collaboration.  

Ideal candidate:
 - Is able to work autonomous, to undertake existing and new clients and deliver them best solutions for their SEO needs;
- Has relevant experience  - managed at least 4-7 SEO projects simultaneously for the past 3-5 years;
- Is proficient in oral and written for both English and Russian languages;
- Is an active listener who asks clarifying question to make sure they are on the same page with the other party;
- Is a quick learner and applies new knowledge in work, quickly adapts to change and tries out new approaches;
- Never stops looking for new technology that can improve the quality of and speed up work processes;
- Can quickly switch between tasks and fully embraces the importance and meaningfulness of what they are doing;
- Is good at managing several projects at the same time;
- Has real skills in applying social media tools;
- Is a hands on person able to assume responsibility for the results expected;
Expected results:
- Able to manage successfully several projects at the same time;
- Efficient client communication in means of sales volume increase;
- Timely tasks setting and coordination;
- Set, analyses metrics and set corrective actions when necessarily;
We have powerful corporate culture and strict requirements for professional traits of our colleagues, we value talent more than experience and we create all conditions necessary for talent realization;
- Offsite corporate retreats and parties;
- Using advanced approaches and technologies;
Competitive salary, starting from 1000 euro and further increase will be based on results deliveried;
Please be safe to send your CV on  indicating the reference code SEOM20. For additional details call on 060150501.




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