We are looking for:

Senior Front-End Developer

Everything is normal, and the current coronavirus situation is not affecting our finances or operations. You are welcome to apply, the job is open. We are ready to hire good, smart qualified people immediately.

We are an American startup company looking to launch a big online marketplace and change the way the world buys and sells products and services. We started the project in Los Angeles, California and spent years planning the project, fundraising, and doing research and development.

We recently decided to reorganize the company. Our headquarters are now in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, and our development is in Chisinau, Moldova.

Join us and be a part of our global launch! We are working on assembling a full team of developers in Chisinau and establishing a permanent development office.
We are looking for very strong, qualified people. We aim to have the best team in Chisinau. We love working with smart, intelligent and fun people. Let's change the world together.

Senior Front-End Developer

Chisinau, Moldova
Full-time at our office in Chisinau. Monday through Friday. 
A fair world-class salary denominated in US dollars based on your experience. We are prepared to discuss and consider your requirements.

  • You will analyze business requirements and architect a solution that is robust and scalable
  • Perform code reviews and provide guidance on application design and code quality
  • Work closely with the business and IT teams in design, discussions, reviews and test cycles
  • You have the passion to work with people and to strive to improve our code
  • University degree in Information Technology or a related field
  • 5+ years of front-end design and development experience
  • Strong agreement with high stability, quality, continuous integration and delivery
  • Experience knowledge of design patterns and comfort with the latest architectural paradigms
  • Ability to effectively work in a global team
Technology stack:
  • Languages and Frameworks: JavaScript/JQuery/BackboneJS/AngularJS/ReactJS
  • Tools: SASS , CSS, webpack, compass
  • Build tools: Nginx, Node, Yarn, Gulp
  • CI/CD: TeamCity, Git
Apply by e-mailing us your CV. We are looking forward to meeting qualified, smart, exciting people who like to work hard, change the world and have a good time.

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