Senior Front-end Developer | Remote | IT Company

Senior Front-end Developer | Remote | IT Company

As a Front-end developer in our team, you are going to transform the current IT-landscape. Your effort will aid the optimization of the entire organisation.

Our team is driven by passion for our product. Co-operation, taking initiative and an agile mindset are essential elements for us. You will be working in a cross-functional agile team with different specialities, different projects, but all with one goal, one mission. As a team you’ll be responsible for design, low-level architecture, building, testing, delivering and maintaining the software.

Working on this project will mean exploring cutting edge technologies and working in a multicultural team from Northern Europe to Chisinau. A team with experienced team members as well as members who are starting their path to IT.

- Design of solutions that will help the digital environment of our company and subsidiaries to be more agile and scalable, using new technologies like serverless and cloud solutions in combination with a separated front-end
- You will be working with the newest technologies that are most fitting to the solution that we are looking for and is not determined in advance. You will be part of the design process and are able to develop yourself
- Staying up to date to new developments and sharing this knowledge with your team and all of the IT- organisation

- You must have knowledge of a solid front-end framework like Angular, Vue.js or React. Our current main focus is Vue.js
- You must have experience with presenting data (JSON) in the front-end
- You must have experience with a modular/component based front-end setup with good reusability of code across the same or even other projects
- You must have experience with pre-processors like SASS or LESS
- You must have a very solid basis in HTML, JS, CSS
- You have an advantage if you have experience with building the front-end using build tools and implementing CI/CD for this
- You have an advantage if you have knowledge about: REST, GraphQL, AWS platform, AWS S3, AWS CloudFront
- You must have an Agile mindset
- You are communicatively strong, we regularly communicate both within the team and with our end-users to reach the right solutions
- You get energy from working in a highly technological and continuously innovating environment
- You must have a good knowledge of the English language both in speaking as in writing

What we offer:
- Remote work in an international company
- Competitive salary
- Opportunities for further growth and development
- The communication in our team is positive, flexible and we want you to be confident in your work. The culture is open and transparent

Our team is constantly looking for the best UI/UX experience for our users/customers as well as the most secure solutions so that everyone can sleep well. 
The latest trends like Infrastructure as Code and serverless applications are our way of working.

Making use of most of the AWS Services, starting from Security and all the way down to real - time notifications and real-time updates, offline capabilities and many more. 
Working on a serverless model means to us that we can always support as many clients/customers as we want, our services are scalable, and we take this aspect very seriously. 
We are a team of engineers and not “developers” only, for us a programming language is only a tool to achieve the goal. This means that we do not necessarily stick to a specific language or framework and we currently build our front-end(s) with Vue.js 3 but also looking into Angular. Because of our modular approach we can find the best solution for each aspect of the project.
Our recruitment partner is, so you are invited to send your CV to

They will organize an interview with us. You are welcome to our team!


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