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We are a dynamically developing IT company, established in 2005, specialized in internet systems and online shopping solutions. We have been creating and maintaining international projects that are well known in Russia, China, Europe and USA. Avantaj Prim guarantees successful implementation of projects of any complexity due to our modern and comprehensive approach to work, focus on quality and use of best international practices.

We provide a wide range of services including websites and web applications development and maintenance, software testing, marketing and projects promotion, business integration of third-party CRM solutions, branding and design.

Our area of expertise is the development of Internet systems, namely: programming of sites of various complexity degree, catalogs, online stores, multimedia portals, interactive systems and content management systems.

- Knowledge of design patterns (patterns) in software development
- At least 2 years of experience in web development
- Experience in PHP 7.x with Symfony 3.x and higher
- Experience with MySQL 5.6 and higher at an advanced level (partitioning tables, indexes, table engines, replication)
- Experience with the queue server (Gearman and others)
- Development experience in a virtual environment (Docker and others)
- Linux: confident user + basic administration skills (at least for installing LAMP stack)
- Experience in writing unit tests
- Experience with the development of web application architecture
- The ability to correctly express thoughts - in writing and verbally
- Responsible approach to the quality of the code and its documentation, attention to detail

It will be a significant advantage, if you have:
- Knowledge of web frameworks (Zend 2, Symfony 4)
- Experience with highly loaded projects
- HTML / CSS layout skills
- Strong knowledge of JavaScript (not just jQuery), Ajax
- Experience with integration with payment systems
- Good command of English

Working conditions and compensation:
- Official employment according to the Labor Code of the Republic of Moldova
- Paid holidays 2 times a year for 2 weeks, including sick leave, medical insurance
- Office work, Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 18:00
- Competitive salary at an international level
- Friendly team of professionals, open to share their knowledge and best practices with you
- Self-development and growth through trainings and courses
- Possibility of becoming team-leader and promoting oneself at a global level
- Opportunity of working on challenging projects, with innovative and modern technologies

Join us if you are looking for implementation of difficult and non-standard projects in an international environment. Our recruitment partner is, so you are invited to send your CV to .

They will organize an interview with us. You are welcome to our team!



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Bulevardul Ștefan cel Mare și Sfînt 65, Chișinău 2001, Мoldova
Тел.: 079640444, e-mail:
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