Universoft was founded in 2008 and has been a growing company ever-since. Our mission is transforming businesses by producing cutting-edge digital products for our clients. We specialize in native, mobile and web applications development, as well as developing strong and scalable back-end systems to support the projects.

Mobile UI/UX Designer

We are looking for an experienced User Interface Designer to join our multi-disciplinary team. You will work with an incredibly talented group of product managers, marketers and engineers to help fuel mobile app innovation!

Position Type: Full-Time

- First of all - Creativity!
- Experience in mobile user interface design
- A portfolio with samples of work demonstrating user-centered design solutions would be desirable
- Proficiency with Adobe CS products
- Proficiency with user interface design patterns for mobile and web.
- Knowledge in iOS and/or Android mobile and tablet platforms.
- We expect our candidate to learn quickly, take the initiative to learn more by using internet resources and by collaborating with the team
- English language - Advanced

You will be responsible for:
- Create the best possible user experience of our digital products, including web and mobile platforms
- Work on marketing creatives and ideas by collaborating with our marketing team
- Work with product managers, content authors, developers and other stakeholders in design explorations and product feature definitions to plan and execute design activities throughout the software development life cycle
- Ability to quickly assimilate complex, sometime ambitious ideas, and propose elegant design solutions
- Develop interaction design solutions, including creating wireframes, prototypes and comps as needed for user testing and product development
- Research user needs using contextual inquiry, usability testing, focus groups, web analytics and competitor evaluations

You will have the chance to:
- Be a part of scalable projects that serve millions of users!
- Learn how to model and work on the complex requirements of mobile applications’ mechanics
- Be a part of the development process that is hand in hand with Research and Development activities
- Experience how technology can be used in professional purposes
- Be a member of a dynamic development team and an agile development process
- Follow the latest technology trends in mobile applications development

What we offer:
- Highly competitive industry level salaries, reviewed on a timely basis, or on personal achievements and involvement in the project
- Full social package
- Full time employment

Please send your resume (CV) to: info@universoft.tech 
PLEASE indicate in subject the position you apply for.


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