CV № 418802 din 14 aprilie 2024

CV: Web Developer

Bărbat, 25 ani, medii studii.
9500 MDL
Peste hotare
CV № 418802 din 14 aprilie 2024
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1 an și 8 luni
august 2020 - aprilie 2022
1 an și 8 luni
Web Developer
OTG, Peste hotare
Domeniu: IT, Internet

As a part of development team, my job was to implement new and support old functionality of the company's websites: ilovesakura, pizzamafia and sushiwok.

Most of the time, working on those projects, we were transitioning from old technologies to newer, like porting it to support Next.js and React.js 17.

After we finished transitioning to newer technologies, we started rewriting the project to support TypeScript.

Studii medii
până in 2016
Secondary School №129
Instruire continua, cursuri de formare
Web Developer in Yandex.Praktikum, or. Peste hotare.
Rusa — Materna
Romana — Nu cunosc
Engleza — Fluent

JavaScript, TypeScript, React, Node.js, Express.js, Next.js, MongoDB, PostgreSQL


HTML, XML, Markdown


Informații suplimentare
disponibil pentru detașări de serviciu
sunt gata să accept schimbarea locului de trai

After high school, I decided to pursue my career in software development. That led me to my university, where I studied in Computer Software Engineering field, but I never got to finish my studies, because I left after a second year. After leaving university, I wanted to try out something new and applied to be working in Rostelecom, Russia's biggest internet provider, as a technical support specialist and was working there for half a year. I tried different jobs, but nothing had that same energy, when I was coding, back in my school days. So, after some time, in 2020, I took some online courses in web development and got my first job as a Web Developer in SushiWOK, where I was working on 3 projects: ilovesakura, pizzamafia and sushiwok. There I learned most of my current skills in programming, both back- and front-end on JS, using React.js, Node,js, express.js and Next.js. After some time, I decided to leave in 2022. For almost two years, I was working as a software engineer in gaming industry, specifically, visual novels. That gave me knowledge in Ren'Py and mild understanding of Python. In March 2024, I decided to move out of Russia, and currently reside in Tbilisi, Georgia.
I am prepared to move into Moldova all by myself.

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