CV № 338933 din 3 august 2022

CV: Developer, cu timpul FullStack

Bărbat, 22 ani, superioare incomplete studii.
Sal. negociabil
CV № 338933 din 3 august 2022
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7 ani și 10 luni
ianuarie 2020 - până in prezent
4 ani și 6 luni
Senior Web Developer Specialist
CodeCrew, Rezina
Domeniu: IT, Internet

I was in the first line of the company, all the bugs came to me for fixing, and all the new platforms or languages needed in the company (Shopify, Django Email templates, Klaviyo) were studied by me and prepared for the rest of the team, I was helping with hard tasks and also did the usual task like emails templates, web site update, landing pages coding, js issues etc.

septembrie 2016 - ianuarie 2020
3 ani și 4 luni
Email Developer
BigBangThemes, Rezina
Domeniu: IT, Internet

Email Coding, Web Developer

Studii superioare incomplete
până in 2020
Liceul Teoretic "Olimp-Rezina"
Facultatea: Liceul Teoretic "Olimp-Rezina".
Specialitatea: Liceul Teoretic "Olimp-Rezina".
Romana — Materna
Rusa — Comunicare
Engleza — Medium

-Shopify Liquid
-Django Email Templates
- Email Coding
-Expert in Shopify E-Commerce Platform
-Experience with PHP, WordPress

-Critical thinking
-Teamwork abilities

Informații suplimentare
disponibil pentru detașări de serviciu
permis de conducere B
automobil personal
sunt gata să accept schimbarea locului de trai

I'm in the IT industry for 6 years, I was beginning with coding the themes for ThemeForest, and after that, I started to study Email coding and started to work at the BigBangThems, where I coded Emails, Landing Pages and other site's functionality, after this company I started to work at CodeCrew, where was in the Email Marketing Industry, again :), but for the first year, the rest of years I was as an unofficial team lead, helped our team with all the questions which appear, studied the new platforms needed for the company, fixing bugs etc. Also, I coded more than 50% from the CodeCrew site, you can check how it looks here . Studied the Shopify E-Commerce Platform and the liquid language used here, as a result, i become an expert on this Platform. Started to study at UTM University, but abandoned this after 2 years, the reason? well .. i understood that the University doesn't make me grow as I wanted, and I decided to study myself :)

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